Lesser Work collects marginalia on marginalia.

Research interests include:

attention, bootleg fashion, colonialism, conspiracy theory & parapolitics, the contemporary essay, cultural cycles, cybernetics, cyberpunk, de- & reterritorialization, demonology in the post-anthropocene, dopamine addiction, the enchantment of data, the ethics of machine intelligence, extreme music, Faustian bargains & the crossroads, giallo, genre theory, high weirdness, inheritance & legacy, limit experience, the literary-industrial complex, maximalism, monstrous hybridity, multiplicity, the myth of subjecthood, narrative peripherality, the neofeudal turn, neurodivergence, outsiders, paraphilias, pleasure & pain, polysemy, progression, punk & hardcore, rhizome as form, semiotic reciprocity, the sour spirit of the 1970s, the spirit of objects, spirituality & sports, stoner noirs, subcultures, textual embodiment, the San Francisco Bay Area, tonal ambiguity, tragicomedy, the wars in Vietnam, weed, the vampiric

These are subject to change as The Author sees fit.